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Professional Wireframes in Minutes

Atomic Design Wireframe

Krom is a perfectly-crafted and well-organized Wireframe Kit that helps designers create professional prototypes in minutes with Krom's huge layout and component library. Our aim with this product was to provide a system that will allow us to design faster, better and more organized without restricting creative freedom.

🚀 Powerful Design System

Atomic Design System is a way to organize components. Atoms are your buttons, inputs, sliders etc. Combined with other atoms creates molecules, such as contact list item and image sliders. Organisms are blocks which contains multiple atoms and molecules.

If you never heard of it, don't worry. It's a simple yet powerful concept that only takes a few minutes of play around to get used to. This system allows you to quickly drag and drop big blocks, make changes that will affect the entire wireframe, organize your design without going insane, prototype faster and manage your design system with ease. You can learn more about it here.

200+ Icons

200+ Atoms

100+ Molecules

50+ Organisms

170+ Pages

🛠 Flexible Customization

We made all of the symbols easily customizable while keeping it simple. By linking everything to editable nested symbols, text and layer styles, each symbol can become something totally different with just a few clicks.

Customizable Wireframe
Responsive Wireframe

🎡 Responsive Components

All of our symbols comes with pre-defined resizing constraints, making it responsive for various height and width adjustments. Want to convert the screen from iPhone X to iPhone 6 size? Just resize the entire page and each component will adjust accordingly.

🤘 Structured Symbols

Each symbol is carefully named and organized in manageable categories. We structured everything perfectly so that you can find what you're exactly looking for, as fast as possible. No more getting lost in the vast sea of symbols!

Wireframe Tool
Wireframing Tool

🎉 Make it Yours

Our wireframe kit comes with a dedicated Style Guide page. Simply change the colours and typography on the page and click update. The changes will affect the entire look of the wireframe. Useful to make wireframes that are close to the UI design.

Make it Interactive

Use Prototyping tools such as invision and marvel to create interactive prototypes which you can share with your clients or team.

Organized Symbols Page

The symbols page is properly categorized and organized so you can quickly find the symbol you are looking for in the page.

Layers in Order

All layers in both the symbols and the pre-made pages are probably named and listed from top-to-bottom & left-to-right.

Try Krom Wireframe Kit for Free

A simple demo that includes 12 screens and 50+ symbols, along side with the full style guide and PDF documents.

Huge Layout Library

Find what you need easily by using quick navigation among 173 screens that we’ve divided into 8 categories depending on their purpose and characteristics.

Starter - 28

Social - 19

Shopping - 27

Messenger - 15

Music & Video - 21

Article - 15

Menu & Settings - 23

Others - 22

What's Inside


The core file with 200+ icons, 300+ symbols and 170+ pre-made layout to use and choose from


A simplified version which contains core UI elements and a basic starter template


Detailed document about how to best use the wireframe, tips, plugins we like etc.

Atomic Design

Short but dense guide on Atomic Design for designers who are not familiar with it yet!

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